With the economy growing weaker everyday, less jobs, growing terrorist cells here in the USA and abroad, drug cartels seeking
alternative methods to transport their goods, people looking for a fast buck, and or to feed their drug habits. Many of them don't mind
breaking in a trailer, holding the driver at gun point, or simply stealing the whole load.

Many of the manufacturers of high valued products like cell phones, tennis shoes, computers, medical equipment, pharmaceutical
companies, auto parts, etc... You have all been forced to ship their products thru drop shippers, which as we all know drives up the
cost of the shipping, and of course, forces the manufacturers and suppliers to raise their cost.

This is where we come in to play. All our drivers, some actually armed with automatic weapons has experience in this type of
activities. We can escort your loads, offer tracking systems other than the typical devices the crooks already know about, or simply
talk about your options to meet your budget.
High Security Transportation
Loads Hijacked:  1 Every Second Around The World
Drivers Harmed or Killed During Hijacking / Theft:  1 Every Minute Around The World
Loads Recovered: 1 Out Of Every 50,000
Loads Held Hostage: 1 Out Of Every 1,000
Loads Never Recovered: 1 Out Of Every 15,000
Loads Converted To Support Terrorist Cells or Drug Cartels: 1 Out Of 10
Insurance Cost Increased Due To These Lost:  30 To 65%
Insurance Cost Decreased Due To Having Someone Like STI: 10 To 25%

I guess my true question for you is "Do You Feel Lucky"? I don't know about you, but I enjoy having the extra funds to
continue building my empire.
And the questions you must face from not only your bosses, the insurance companies, and especially the law
enforcement, where everyone is a suspect. You do the math.....
Welcome to:
Secured Transport International, LLC.
We work very closely with agencies like INTERPOL, FBI, state and local law enforcements to ensure every high security load is
transported safely, on time and in it's original form.

Many of the loads going into Mexico, like machinery, computers, etc.... are subject to being hijacked by thieves. Loads of food, medical
supplies, weaponry and such are always a huge target in other countries, especially the middle east and Africa.
Warlords steal loads of food to starve out people in their region, committing genocide on their own people, forcing young boys to join
their terrorist groups, and at some point, that's where people like Secured Freight international, and the United Nations step in to offer
aid. Help restore some type of hope to the people.

Regardless of what or where, we can protect and deliver your goods.