Private Security for Corporate & World Governments  
With more and more terrorist groups on the rise, corporate espionage, kidnappings with very few survivors, and simply crazy people out
there to make news headlines is getting too much for the world to handle.

We can offer armed private security details with armored vehicles, like the ones the President uses. Most of our men and women are
dedicated former military special forces, law enforcement, and federal agents.
Welcome to:
Secured Transport International, LLC.
We can also offer you charted corporate / business jets with special trained pilots for these types of missions. The private security guards
will fly with you, stay in the same hotel with adjoining rooms, yet stay at an arms length and you'll never know they're there.
With an array of jets at our disposal, we can offer you packages to fit your budget. We can also offer you loading and unloading of passengers
and goods directly inside airplane hangers so no one will know who's on board or what we're transporting.

You tell us what your needs are, and we will work diligently to keep you, your staff, loved ones, and or goods safe from harms way.

We can also offer package delivery services without it going through an airline cargo services, and certain cases depending on the country or
city, no Customs. Meaning, your goods arrive as planned and safe from harms way.