With an ever changing world everyday, we have realized that you must be able to meet your customers needs, or your customers will seek
out someone who can meet your needs.

We can offer you not only seagoing vessels and barges with the capabilities of transporting containers "connex" , vessels of any size, on up
to hovercraft's for shallow areas or up some of the frozen rivers of the Alaska, Northwest Territories or the Yukon areas.

Most of the hovercraft's have weight limits due to their limitations, but we're here to help solve those issues, and allow your missions to run
Ocean Freight
Welcome to:
Secured Transport International, LLC.
You tell us what your needs are, and we'll simply explain to you what our capabilities are, and a time line of when it can be completed.

Most companies will not deal with war zones, hostile territories, pirates, or off the wall areas, but here at Secured Transport international, we
encourage the customer to look beyond the horizon, think outside the box and move forward with their projects.

Is your company loosing money because of projects that you think is not capable? Well, you haven't called us yet. So, pick up the phone and tell us
your story. Most likely we've been there and done that.....