The Alaskan, Northwest Territories and the Yukon is not something most drivers could ever imagine of tackling, other
than in their dreams.

We understand the importance of keeping your oil rig, mining operations, road and bridge building operations running
Alaska & Arctic Direct Freight
Welcome to:
Secured Transport International, LLC.

With dirt roads in the summer and ice roads in the harsh winters traveling hundreds of miles without another soul anywheres
in sight, landing our aircraft's in rough and snow terrain with no landing strips or man made runways, is something we face
everyday in this beautiful, but yet unforgiving territories.

Our drivers face temps ranging from mild summers to -80 below zero with hurricane force winds for days on end. One wrong
move, and he or she could be a snack for a bear or starving wolf.
I guess this why you see this message on tv programs, "PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"..... Give us a call and allow
us to deliver your goods to these areas and keep your project running smoothly.