Air Freight
With the world growing more and more everyday, we become more demanding on goods and products for our day to day lives in a hurry.

When you have a machine down in a manufacturing facility, oil rig down, computers, etc... This could mean costing your company
millions of dollars per hour, and this is why we offer air freight for the "Right Now" situations.

When the fresh sushi is brought to markets like Japan, then it must be distributed around the world in a minutes notice. And of course,
this is where Secured Transport International comes into play. We can offer dedicated flights to get your fish to market on time and keep
it as fresh as when it was caught at sea.
Welcome To:
Secured Transport International, LLC.
With the capabilities of airlifting more than 150 tons at any given time, delivering it within a hours and NOT days after being loaded is
something to really boast about.

We also offer military and private security firms the opportunities to deliver it's payload into hostile territories. In many cases, with our C-130's,
we can also offer in-flight airdrops, meaning container "connex" low level drops with parachute drags, troop deployment for the Airborne Troops,
or simply get much needed supplies to the troops.
When you can fit an entire tractor trailer inside an Antonov Aircraft, and still have room for troops, personnel, and other equipment, then
you've got another new zip code.....

Give us a call or email to see what we can do for you, your company or organization.